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Joint Research Program


European Society for Pediatric Nephrology (ESPN)


Pediatric Nephrology Research Consortium (PNRC)

Joint Research Program

Operating Policy

    The European Society for Pediatric Nephrology (ESPN) and The Pediatric Nephrology Research Consortium (PNRC) have created a joint research program to provide funding and opportunity for researchers from each organization to conduct research on shared projects.

    The decision to create a joint research program is born out of a desire to promote greater partnership and collegiality between our colleagues in Europe and North America. Hopefully, this will enhance our collective ability to improve the care of children with kidney disease through collaboration and research.

    This ESPN-PNRC collaborative effort will create the ESPN-PNRC Joint Research Program to fund research that is jointly conducted within both the ESPN and the PNRC.  Each project must be co-led by researchers from each organization.

    Proposed projects may be clinical or translational research in design.  The total grant award will vary as funds and needs dictate. Each award will comprise funds to support eligible research activities and can include funds for travel to further collaboration and/or enable a presentation at international professional meetings and other supplies/resources needed to accomplish the research project.    


    In keeping with the nature of the joint research program, governance will be equally shared across the ESPN-PNRC Joint Research Program Steering Committee. The committee will co-chaired by a member from each organization with one Co-Chair selected by the ESPN Board from the ESPN membership and one Co-Chair selected by the PNRC Board of Directors from PNRC membership.  

    The joint research program steering committee will consist of the two Co-Chairs and two members selected from ESPN membership approved by the ESPN Board and two members from the PNRC membership approved by the PNRC Board of Directors. 

    The Co-Chairs will report regularly to their respective boards regarding activity within the joint research program.

    ESPN-RNRC Joint Program Steering Committee Responsibilities

    The committee will accept, review and score applications based on specifications stipulated in Program RFAs. Typical grant duration will be 1-2 years.

    Once convened the committee shall develop and present to both the ESPN and PNRC leadership the standard operating rules for the committee within 3 months.


    Foundational Considerations:

1.     Adherence with respective IRB guidelines regarding International Studies
2.     Applicant Eligibility Requirements to include:
Membership in the respective organization
Endorsement of grant proposal by the respective organization
3.     Awards will not cover indirect costs4.     Members of the Joint Research steering committee are not eligible for grants
5.     Financial Responsibilities
a.     Funds distribution: Each organization will distribute the awarded funds to their respective awardees; distribution will conform to relevant regulations in the USA and the ESPN
6.     The committee is responsible for defining specific details of the RFA
7.     The committee will define Application Instructions to include (at minimum):
a.     Required components of an application form
b.    Research Experience
c.     Personal statement (200 words maximum)
d.    Research Project Description (2000 word maximum, excluding references)
e.     Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume of the applicant (one page maximum for resume)
f.      Letter of support from research mentor (where applicable)
g.     Application formatting instructions
h.    Application review process
i.      Applications will be submitted through a PNRC – ESPN online web portal.
8.     The committee shall define the methods for the review processes
9.     The committee will define dates and method(s) for announcement of Award Recipients.



    Each organization has committed $15,000.00 USD to the initial joint research program effort for a total of $30,000.00 USD. 

    In the first year we will distribute two $10,000 awards, and reserve $10,000 for future funding.

    In the second year each organization will commit $15,000.00 for a total of $30,000.00 USD and distribute two or three $10,000 awards.

    In the third year each organization will commit $15,000.00 for a total of $30,000.00 USD and distribute two or three $10,000 awards.

    The ESPN and PNRC will distribute and manage all required reporting for their respective organizations.

    In the spirit of full transparency, each organization will provide the other with an annual report. Annual reports will be in alignment with the PNRC Fall Meeting.

    Awardees are required to file grant updates, including funds expended, yearly and within 30 days of end of funding.

    Grant monies will be disbursed in two installments.

    80% of award will be distributed after award acknowledgement, budget pages and banking information/payment forms have been submitted successfully to the PNRC (

    Remaining 20% of award will be disbursed after completion of the annual report sent to the PNRC ( at the conclusion of the Fall PNRC Meeting and approval by Committee-Chair of respective grant program.

    Unexpended funds must be returned to the respective funding organization at the end of the grant with a maximum grace period of one additional year (no cost extension based on the progress made, and at the discretion of the ESPN-PNRC Joint Research Steering Committee).

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