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ESPN/PNRC Grant Awardees


Investigate the role of the myeloid receptor sCD89-IgA1 innume complexes and components of the inflammatory pathway (sCD89, APRIL, April-IgA1) as cIgAN biomarkers in patients

Machine learning tools prediction of renal outcomes among children with crescentic glomerulonephritis (crescentic GN)

Practice Patterns and Perceptions in the Management of Recurrent Nephrotic Syndrome in Kidney Recipients with End Stage Kidney Disease Secondary to Non-Mendelian Nephrotic Syndrome (FSGS or MCD)

Dr. Julien Hogan 

Dr. Alexandra Cambier

Dr. Lars Pape

Dr. Guillermo Hidalgo

Dr. Antonia Bouts

Dr. Priya Verghese


Role of angiopoietins in childhood nephrotic syndrome

Dr. Cristina Julia Blazquez Gomez

Dr. Gabriel Cara-Fuentes

Advancing precision medicine approach to recurrent FSGS treatment-proof of concept for the use of a 3D co-culture spheroid model of the kidney glomerulus to predict disease recurrence and response to plasmapheresis

Dr. Chia-Shi Wang

Dr. Moin A. Saleem

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