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PNRC Studies

Active Studies - Accepting New Sites

At any time, the PNRC typically has between 30-35 active studies or surveys.  Our studies span a broad spectrum of clinical subjects with 2-4 participating sites for small studies and more than 30 sites for larger studies.  

It is the policy of the PNRC that our members remain actively engaged at all times in at least 1 study other than their own while a member.   This commitment to ongoing extensive collaboration is a major strength of the PNRC and is especially powerful with regard to the study of rare diseases, which are very common among pediatric nephrology patients.

The Active Studies listed in the website are all currently accepting new participating sites.   If you are interested in more information on any study or participating in it, please click on the name of one of the listed Principal Investigators.   This leads to the Members Only section where you will be able to search for the physician’s name and email address. You must be a registered PNRC member to enter this section.  If you are not a member, see the membership icon below to apply.

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Active PNRC Studies – Not Accepting New Sites

The studies found on this list are in the active stage but are not open for additional site participation.  We list these studies to show the current breadth of consortium activity.

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Completed Studies

We all know that to bring a study to completion is crucial to the learning process and to the translation of new knowledge into clinical care.  The studies listed in this section are completed but have not yet been published. It is also possible that the study or survey was a pilot project for designing a study and hence not publishable.

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