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  • CureGN (William Smoyer, MD; Larry Greenbaum, MDJon Klein, MD, PhD )
  • Prospective Pediatric Lupus Nephritis Registry (Jerry Lane, MD; Keisha Gibson, MD)
  • Pre-emptive treatment of EBV viremia in pediatric kidney transplant recipients with rituximab to prevent post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder (PTLD), (Isa Ashoor and Vikas Dharnidharka)
  • Safety and Efficacy of the Covid-19 Vaccine in Pediatric Transplant Recipients (Priya Verghese and Asha Moudgil)

  • The NeoHTN Study (Nina Xiao, Mark Mitsnefes)

  • kNIGHT-Kids: Nocturnal Investigation into Glomerular Disease, Hypertension and Tanscriptomics (Christine Sethna, Kevin EC Meyer)

  • Treatment of Norovirus in a Pediatric Transplant Population (Sarah Kizilbash, Rachel Engen)

  • Differentiating Pediatric aHUS from other TMS processes (Arash Mahajerin, Melissa Muff-Luett)

  • Infectious Disease counseling and delays pre/post kidney transplant (Taylor Heald-Sargent, Theresa Barton)

  • Safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 Vaccine in Pediatric Transplant Recipients (Priya Verghese, Asha Moudgil)

  • Utility of Renasight Kidney Disease Gene Panel in the Pediatric Nephrology Population (Christine Sethna, Joshua Zaritsky)

  • COntemporary Infant and Neonatal Dialysis Study (COINED) (Melissa Muff-Luett and Keia Sanderson)

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