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NephCure/PNRC Grant Awardees


Genetic sequencing and the anti-nephrin antibody in pediatric nephrotic syndrome

Dr. Matthew Sampson

Dr. William Smoyer

Targeting Novel Pathways to Reduce Proteinuria and Scarring in Nephrotic Syndrome

Julie Dougherty, PhD

Dr. Gabriel Cara Fuentes

Single particle reconstruction of PAR 3/4 heterodimer using cryoEM

Kaushik Muralidharan, PhD

Dr. Marvin Nieman

Proteomic analyses of molecular mechanisms of podocyte injury in idiopathic nephrotic syndrome

Dr. Yu Kamigaki

Timothy Cummins, PhD

The role of sex hormones on chronic kidney disease progression

Dr. Hannah Kim

Dr. Rebecca Ruebner


Urine single-cell RNA-sequencing in Minimal Change Disease

Dr. Yaacov Frishberg

Maya Schuldiner, PhD

Defining the role of chloride channel 5 in maintaining podocyte structure and functions

Dr. Rasheed Gbadegesin

Dr. Laura Mariani

Scaffold protein Sh3bp2 plays a central role in pathogenesis of nephrotic syndrome

Dr. Tarak Srivastava

Mukut Sharma, PhD

Sex-hormones and its significance for podocytes: a promising novel therapeutic concept in a sex dependent manner

Dr. Jun Oh

Lars Fester, PhD

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